Friday, October 28, 2005

Cape squatters refuse to move

[ South Africa ] Backyard shack dwellers have vowed to stay on land they invaded in Valhalla Park, despite warnings from the City of Cape Town that they should vacate the area to "prevent problems". Full Story...

While top officials take the money and run... & who is doing the job now? This city planning thing, you know that thing that takes years to plan and implement...? This is the 4th time this has happened in as many years... is this sustainable?

No! we're never gonna survive unless, we get a little crazy.

Cape's top officials set city back R43m 2005-10-27 14:45:35Nearly R45-million on voluntary settlement packages - that's how much the City of Cape Town has spent on 92 of its top officials up until the end of September. Full Story....

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