Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At last some truth...

Skweyiya said the most abused substance in the country was alcohol, followed by Cigarettes.

A SA Risk Survey conducted in 2004 found that 49 percent of South African teenagers consumed alcohol.

It showed that 31 percent smoked and 13 percent used dagga on a regular basis.

These figures are well within the norm.

To identify the problem a comparative pie chart showing the extent of the health and societal risk and burden, would be useful...

South African teenagers that report for treatment of:
Dagga Abuse?
Alcohol abuse?
TIK abuse?
Sugars abuse?

...while asking these questions...

It would be pertinant to start with a measureable cost to society.

Lets see what the comparative piechart looks like when we measure the Foetal cost:
  • What are the Foetal methamphetamine syndrome figures?
  • What are the Foetal alcohol syndrome figures?
  • What are the Foetal cannabis syndrome figures?
  • What are the Foetal crack/coke/heroin syndrome figures?
When compared against each other - we should be able to see which drug is causing the biggest problem to our unborn. A measureable statistic!

At home in the western Cape we have the worlds largest occurrence of FAS...?

and at a rate of 10 000 abortions a week?

One would believe that we have the right to choose what we do to our body.

What the state regulates as social harm, and allows other harms which are much greater in nature and number, than say smoking a doob...

Makes you think ? I hope! Please follow the links in the post for the revelations

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Dylan said...

Foetal cost. Good call. Apparently money is still worth more than people as far as taxable social ills are concerned.

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