Friday, June 29, 2007

They Say..

Police say, In the 2005/2006 financial year 290 000kg of dagga valued at R377-million was seized throughout South Africa while police, through their cannabis eradication programme, destroyed 170.5ha of dagga plantations valued at R119-million in the Eastern Cape alone.

Pretoria News

I would say - someone can't add... that looks like the appelton case below and not total figures, once again I would have to question these figures - which continuously seem to amaze me. How this can be called a success when each year the figure is higher - - - all that is clear to me - is the current way of dealing with drugs is flawed and destined to fail in preventing social harm.

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weed said...

Fully agree, governments need to look at alternative methods on the war on weed, especially in SA. Stop wasting thier time and focus on crime, housing and upliftment of the unemployed, instead of destroying some of these peoples only income.

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