Thursday, March 06, 2008

'I've smoked Africannabis with Bruce Willis'

Bruce Willis was introduced to African cannabis by rapper Rick Ross.

The hip-hop star claimed he used to smoke the illegal drug with the Die Hard 4.0 actor during an interview on The Ramiro and Pebbles Morning Show on Boston's JAM'N 94.5 FM radio station on Wednesday.

When questioned about the most famous celebrity he has ever got high with, Rick laughed: "Bruce Willis".

He added: "He doesn't talk too much when he's high - he'll just look at you, you know, 'I'm really smoking with this dude'.

"You know, I had to introduce him to that African thing, I got him some Africannabis."

In a recent interview, the hip-hop star also revealed: "I'm a weed fanatic. I've smoked blunts with some of the biggest people in the world. To me, that's my hobby. To be able to say I smoked blunts with Snoop Dogg, I've smoked blunts with Bruce Willis, I've smoked a blunt with Too Short. I'm what you call a Cannabis Cup Champion!"

While Rick didn't reveal when he met up with Bruce, this isn't the actor's first encounter with the illegal substance.

He revealed recently: "Living in Manhattan was the most irresponsible, carefree time of my life. I had a great time going wild. I drank too much. I also smoked weed and tried various drugs.

"I only liked pot, though. I smoked a lot of pot and when I wasn't acting, I was out dancing every night. I had a blast and I could stretch $20 over three days - I would live off pizza and beer." - Tonight

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