Sunday, November 02, 2008

Zuma smoked ‘zol’ but it wasn’t dagga

ANC president Jacob Zuma did smoke "zol" with the late activist Billy Nair - but it was not dagga; just tobacco rolled in paper, the ruling party said today.

The African National Congress has noted reports in a number of newspapers today [Friday] suggesting that ANC President Jacob Zuma and the late Billy Nair smoked dagga," said spokeswoman Jessie Duarte.

"Speaking yesterday [Thursday] at the funeral service of struggle veteran Billy Nair, Zuma said that the two used to smoke ’zol’ together.

"He was talking about tobacco rolled in paper, often referred to on Robben Island as ’zol’," Duarte said in a statement.

She added however that the "ANC understands how Zuma’s statement could have been misunderstood.

"For the record, Zuma and Nair did not smoke dagga together," concluded Duarte.

- Sunday Times


Anonymous said...

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Ben said...

Ah, I suppose they just smoked it when they were alone, not 'together'.
JZ, redeem yourself in the eyes of this borguise pothead and LEGALISE WEED!!!!

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