Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Housing officials told not to 'plead poverty'

Provincial housing ministers should not blame a lack of funds for slow delivery when they fail to spend their full budget allocation, the chairperson of Parliament's finance select committee said on Monday.

"Don't ... plead poverty," Tutu Ralane told the housing ministers of four provinces who reported on their spending.Before complaining about an inequitable division of resources among provinces, provincial ministers should look at why available funds are not being spent, he said...

He criticised the ministers for not having specific information on challenges they reported on, including skills shortages."Don't come here and generalise again," Ralane said.

"Don't say you lack capacity. Say you lack engineers, for instance, and tell us what you are doing about it."

Ralane pointed to what he termed the "Hollywood" problem, in which "almost everyone is acting". Full Story

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