Thursday, January 26, 2006

N2 Gateway dogged by problems

Minutes of a meeting say the N2 Gateway has been delayed by cash-flow problems and is 18 months behind schedule, but council and provincial officials insist the development is "on track".

The City of Cape Town has cut its capital budget by 30 percent to free funds for the project. It has also slashed the number of Gateway flats being built for rent from 6 600 to 2 200.

Rental no shack dweller can afford.
The provincial government housing website returns an error when visiting: Rental Housing Tribunal & Western Cape Housing development Board

According to the minutes of a meeting of the N2 Gateway-Symphony Way community, held in December, building contractors "worked at risk" for six weeks. The consortium "experienced a delay in terms of its claims to council for work done", the minutes say... Read More

Money diverted from fire fighters to the N2 Gateway Project has caused this: Cape Town firefighters in open revolt

Firefighters have come out in open revolt - rejecting the City of Cape Town's denial that the fire service was in a crisis - and have defied a gagging order imposed on them.

After a meeting at the central fire brigade in Roeland Street on Wednesday, DA mayoral candidate Helen Zille said: "From our meeting it became apparent that the number of staff in our fire services is totally inadequate, in spite of the City's claims to the contrary."

Considering more homes have been destroyed by fire than what government has delivered, InternAfrica. We have to question the ability of local government's to manage and govern budget allocations, and the habitat environment of the western Cape.

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