Tuesday, May 23, 2006

City's failure to plan is intolerable

"The recent spate of public misdemeanours, accentuated by Satawu protesters, has highlighted a fundamental deficiency in government administration - the lack of contingency planning.

The Koeberg power debacle, the N2 Gateway housing fiasco, and now the Satawu pseudo-insurrection have emphasised that when it comes to planning for unforeseen eventualities, City of Cape Town authorities are literally left in the dark. Culpability is normally shifted to other departments, groups and factions. Nobody is willing to accept responsibility...

For those in authority who are not well-versed with the phrase, contingency planning means this: All scenarios are covered and planned for, with the operative word being "all".It is not fixing the systems after a disaster. It's developing (well in advance) risk-reducing procedures and alternative business processes that can deliver critical services while the broken systems are being fixed." Jody Daniels Opinion Cape Town


african in london said...

South Africa could really benefit from accountability! I would like think that the head of each municipal and national department is ultamately responsible for ensuring that their department delivers their respective objectives.

However, when the administration is continuously changing, and the porfolios of the ministers are being swapped, there is inevitably always going to be a lack of accountability.

This is the best strategy for gangster politicians. criminals within government will always be able to rely on this strategy. 'It wasnt me, it was the previous minister whom has now changed his portfolio and can no longer be held responsible.' Sorry - Everybody looses. Snakes and Ladders - START FROM SCRATCH.
New officials, New corruption, AND the cycle starts again!
Lets call it the merri-go-round of administrative bullfuckingshit.

Africannabis said...


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