Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Government is inept in dealing with the housing crisis at a municipal, provincial and national level

Municipal: 'We have given them raw materials to construct new houses' city's human settlement director, Seth Maqethuka:

More flammable material – which by government standards does not constitute a house.

17 May 2005 Mayor of CT In line with its new Settlements plan, the City is creating an integrated City housing database. It will contain details of those in need of housing, including where they currently live, preference for rental or ownership, size of family, ability to pay and other pertinent information. Issued by: Communication City of Cape Town

May 2006 One year on. We still have to finalise the housing allocation list – Saths Moodley Special Advisor to Minister of housing Lindiwe Sisulu .

Provincial: Last month, Local Government and Housing MEC Richard Dyantyi said occupation of the first phase of N2 Gateway units would begin at the end of May.

Seems ‘the people’ seeking “a home for all” need to go “Beyond the brick…”

National: The N2 Gateway concept, says Sisulu, will from now on be applied in all cities and provinces, with adaptations to suit local conditions. Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu described the project as a " win-win for everyone in Cape Town".

The successful delivery of houses requires the three spheres of government working together.
As can be seen regarding the news of the N2 Gateway development what was going to house 100 000 people (at 4 people per shack) that would accommodate 25 000 families.

Figures get grey and wishywashy with regard to with what is expected to be delivered: As city slashes Gateway flats being built for rent from 6 600 to 2 200.

Richard Dyantyi, MEC for Local Government and Housing, said the provincial administration had allocated R294-million to the N2 Gateway. He added, however, that R1,2-billion was needed to complete the project. An extra R5 Million on top of the original tender, to terminate the contract, that was originally rejected because the bidder was not qualified

Realistically the 1 bed roomed N2 Gateway home will be available at R3 000 per month, and only 2 200 will be built for this cost.

So what was tendered to cost X per Unit - Now is XXXX.xx per unit
Just playing = 1,2 bill + 294 mill + 5 mill = R1.5 Bill which would have built 6600 units.
= R227,272 Per Unit.
Now only 2 200 units will delivered for the same price
= R681,818 for a 1 Bedroomed flat.

Only 10 000 people can be reasonably accommodated.

A mere 10% of the great National Example, which the N2 Gateway project was promised by the three tiers above.

It would be a travesty of human development if we allowed this kind of development to spread any further. This is just the kind of example of we should NOT be building!

Ps. 1 year later where are all the honorable housing MECs listed on this Media Release Now?

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