Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Finance Minister imposes levy without a public plan for transport

Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has given his approval for a provincial fuel levy that will see Western Cape motorists paying between 10c and 50c per litre of petrol in addition to the existing national fuel levy. Full Story....

Now HouseIT - fully support an improved transportation system. This is very much key to a productive habitat - we all know getting around Cape Town's bad road system, and priority users (like Thabo Mbeki) who Zoom through the traffic as if they own the only road to town...


This is not the century to impose levies without a public plan that covers things like?

How much money will this levy raise?
How will it be put to use?
What transport infrastructure will be upgraded?
Are those plans made?
Can we see them?
When will we be able to review the financial records?

etc... What am I paying extra for?

The proposal will go through a process of public consultation before it can be implemented. IAfrica

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