Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poor quality housing for shack dwellers

Thousands of shack and plastic structure dwellers of a squatter camp in Limpopo are looking forward to moving into their new RDP homes. However, most of the houses are incomplete, while some are of poor quality. - SABC


Mossel Bay RDP houses fall apart

Residents of KwaNonqaba township in Mossel Bay, who received Reconstruction and Development (RDP) houses 10 years ago, are today living in homes which are cracking and leaking, thanks to the legacy of poor workmanship and fly-by-night contractors during the first years of providing houses for the poor after 1994.

For years, the responsibility of who should fix the ramshackle houses has been passed backwards and forwards between the Mossel Bay Municipality and the provincial department of housing. - SABC

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