Wednesday, December 14, 2005

'Green & Black' Construction & Development

The Western Cape government launched four hard-hitting policy documents yesterday that are designed to ensure that future development in the province does not damage the natural environment by developers out to make a quick buck.

The documents, which focus on resorts, golf estates and putting a brake on urban sprawl, say development in the province must in future be both: Eg. Build your own home

"green and black" - environmentally sustainable and empowering to the black community... [join in and discuss this article here: IA EnviroSust ]

Tasneem Essop, MEC for environment, planning and economic development, said yesterday if the province did not address "the way we develop, we are going to push the province into further crisis".

Considering the facts regarding the previous environment, planning and economic development minister and former premier shown here in System Failure: IA JAM it is clear all development needs to be beyond reproach. All documents and spending should be publicly available.

Shack Attack turned Golf

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