Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sloppy officials deserve revolt

This vetgat government of corrupt and untrustworthy politicians (Eastern Cape region and Bloemfontein city council, among the very ready examples), with their corruption inviting schemes such as BEE (black elite enrichment), had it coming a long while ago. ..

RDP 'houses' a crying shame

The townships themselves, spawns of a reprehensible separatist scheme, were nevertheless also much better than the millions of squalid squatter camps which have been rapidly mushrooming in the past 11 years of "democracy".

These are harsh, unpalatable facts and I'm fully aware I'm laying myself open to vicious reactionary attacks from some in the vetgat league. ..

Jon Qwelane's column is published each week on News24, courtesy of Jon Qwelane and the editor of Sunday Sun, which originally carried the article.

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