Friday, February 24, 2006

Children of fire.. and D.U.

With planning and developing housing within the international NO-GO zone as demonstrated in the radio-active housing report below... look at what trouble our children can run into..

I have loved Nina Hagen, since I was but a young freak, now even more! Om Nama shivay. I look forward to her wisdom on stage in Africa!

Look if you can stomach it. Graphic Images Children of D.U.

Global Research

See our other habitat disaster link Children of Fire

Arn't our children paying enough tax in our poor habitat planning and development, that we have to put them through this potential future... based on exsisting reported problems...? Is it not bad enough that we have a children of fire site already... Hello?

Lessen the foot print you leave behind on the planet build green. Energyhogs

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