Thursday, February 23, 2006

Radio-Active Housing

A Cape High Court battle is looming about a proposed private development within a 5km radius of the Koeberg nuclear power station.

This comes after the City of Cape Town refused a rezoning application by the developers on the 250ha site, citing health risks raised by the national nuclear regulator.

However, the national nuclear regulator has said it will contest the application up to the Constitutional Court, citing health risks, radiological implications and slow evacuation speed as a result of the development's population density, in case of disaster at the power station.

Nu Plan Africa Town Planners, the agent for three landowners on the site, want to develop single residential units, commercial, agricultural, rural and private open spaces and road networks on the site.

This would see about 1 110 housing units and create about 10 000 temporary jobs in the next four years, and about 2 500 permanent jobs when the development is complete...

What will the children look like, when the next nut gets loose DU Babies. (Graphic Images)

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