Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SA Housing MEC to facilitate building homes in DRC and not SA

With the violent and clear protests that have been held recently showing the frustrations of those affected by the habitat crisis in South Africa, one would think that the minister of housing Lindiwe Sisulu, would be wise to focus her energy in her own country and her own people. Rather than waste tax payers money in a conference to facilitate homes being built in the DRC.

No less at the most expensive resort available in south Africa.
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Friday 17 Feb 09H08: Conversation with Lindiwe's PA

Mareldia – PA to Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu

InternAfrica made telephonic contact with the office of the minister. We spoke to Mareldia, to enquire for the 16th time what has happened to the request for a meeting with the housing minister to address her request for Business and Civil Society to meet the challenge of the housing crisis in the Western Cape. As requested 30 October 2005 in an email.

Mareldia asked that the email be sent again, as ‘housing receive many requests from the public" We noted that the original email, had been received according to tracking information and we forwarded the email again. Again noting that tracking information showed the email received and opened.

We contacted Mareldia again this morning to confirm the receipt of the email: Subject: Appeal by Minister Sisulu to solve Housing Crisis - Request for meeting to meet this challenge. – RESUBMISSION

When I asked when I could expect a response,

Mareldia: "what sort of response do you want?’

InternAfrica: "the subject line requests a meeting with the housing minister, a response pertaining to this is what we require"

Mareldia: "there is a process in this office and the minister decides who she wants to talk to and we are busy electioneering, I can not commit to anything"

When asked if she had received the email, Mareldia commented that the housing MEC’s office were out at the N2 Gateway project yesterday…

Electioneering -

We still await a response from the Minister and her PA./

The request for a meeting is 5 months old, the promise of a response is three weeks old, the Public Protector has been copied on all correspondence as it is his duty to investigate undue and improper delays...

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