Thursday, February 23, 2006

Powerless homes, hospitals, government, business & People

Dark days: Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool, talking to journalists about the power shortages, stands in darkness during a blackout at the provincial legislature. Full Story Photo: Andrew Ingram, Cape Times

Power cuts cripple hospitals: Non-emergency surgery at Cape Town hospitals was put on hold and high court cases were postponed on Wednesday as Cape Town endured its fourth day of crippling power cuts.
The major significance of load shedding.... After three hours and 55 minutes without power, I am finally able to write a few more reflections about the treatment of electricity subscribers by nameless ones lucky not to have a fatwa imposed on them...

But all is not enforced gloom and futuristic doom.

The electrical roulette we are all playing at the moment has virtually given everyone an excuse for anything.For the trains being late, for not getting to work on time or at all, or for eventually arriving home in an inebriated state ("There was one huge traffic jam out of the city, dear, so the only thing one could do was sit in the pub and wait for it to clear").

At last government agencies have something tangible to blame for non-delivery.

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