Friday, February 17, 2006

Housing MEC will get to work after the elections by targeting smokers in cars

oy wrong porfolio...

WESTERN Cape Local Government and Housing MEC Richard Dyantyi gave the province’s mayors and municipal managers a stern warning yesterday that service delivery should begin the day after the March 1 elections. The Herald

After the money and corruption has been swept aside and new money is oggeled see above, see here:

ah yes and the butt of the joke, how a housing minister should spend his time...

Western Cape smokers may have to watch where they put their cigarette butts if a new bylaw is passed. Housing and local government MEC Richard Dyantyi was to present a draft bylaw to all municipalities on Thursday that seeks to penalise smokers who throw their burning cigarette butts out of car windows. "MEC Dyantyi will convene with all municipalities and present this draft bylaw that makes throwing cigarette butts out of the car window an illegal act. We must deal with stompie gooiers ( butt throwers) and a minimal penalty must be put in place."

If we the public were to ask for evidence that stompie gooiers, of 'n ge-gooide stompie die aard van die kwaad is?

Is there ANY evdidence that a ciggarette will start a fire, when thrown out the window...?

and compared to fires started by broken glass...?

What Bullshit!

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