Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another RDP housing project crashes in Limpopo

Yet another Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) housing project has crashed in Limpopo, and this time at extension 44 outside Polokwane at a cost of an estimated R32 million.

The project was stopped by the Polokwane Municipality after discovering what it calls 'blatant defects' and described the houses 'unsafe' and of 'shoddy workmanship'. A week ago, government announced that it was considering to demolish 1 000 RDP houses built on a flood line with poor quality costing R19 million of taxpayer's money.

Extension 44 is one of the projects where government continues to lose millions of rands. According to the municipality, the contractor's plans were not approved. Their designs also failed to be in line with those set by the National Building Regulations Act.

Simon Mokoatedi, the Polokwane municipality spokesperson, says the two contractors in these particular projects have failed to submit the building plans as required by law, and therefore a decision was taken to stop the project.

Despite all this, government has paid the developers. For over 10 years, the provincial department of local government and housing do not seem to be getting it right. The department says that there are still a lot of lessons to be learnt. SABC

Like let citizens build their own homes

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