Wednesday, June 21, 2006

From seed to Cannabrick


Richie said...

Dear Richard,

Our institute is currently working on crops such as Cotton, Tobacco, Hemp, Cassava, Flax, Luffa, etc. We are however currently only doing breeding on Cotton, Hemp and Cassava.

Our hemp breeding programme is presently however somewhat stagnating especially because of lack of funds dedicated to the hemp programme. The interest in hemp has waned considerably and we are not sure if we are going to get it going again. One big problem is that it seems we will never be able to get hemp legalized in South Africa because of the huge and lucrative trade in marijuana. This is not very helpful in conducting our research.

Hemp production in Swaziland and Mozambique is at this stage questionable! Unless we can come up with a line that is not day length sensitive, it will be impossible! The furthest north that we can grow hemp in SA with our current lines are about 30 degrees south. The southern most tip of Mozambique is 26 degrees south and Swaziland 27 degrees south!

Regards indigenous food crops I will have to refer you to one of our Agronomists, maybe he can help you. He is Ntsako Ngobeni at e-mail:

Kind regards,

Hey was just something this dude wrote back to me with when i wrote and asked how the Hemp research was going,,, u may know him....

Anywho hope all is well with you,,, Full power on your mission..

Egniting times
Richie,,, friend of Nicky and Dyl....

Oh,,, might try and build a cannabrick hut next yr as i have too do a project on the farm in me second yr... If the time is there,,, Loving thr booklet,,,, wicked!!!

Hey do you know what direction is best to look if one was doing a trek down Africa stopping in at schools centres etc on the way down and doing workshops and giving talks??? Some ideas on how too return south from Engiland,,,

Muchos gracias

Africannabis said...

yo Richie;

Shot thanx for that; do you have Tom's address?

As we can see - cannabis is what grows here in South Africa.

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