Thursday, June 08, 2006

Housing epidemic

Farm evictions are the new "silent epidemic" in the Western Cape, says premier Ebrahim Rasool, adding: "This is the crisis we are facing."

Rasool said housing was one of several key challenges identified at yesterday's Premier's Co-ordinating Forum in Stellenbosch.

The meeting, attended by all the provincial ministers as well as mayors and representatives of 30 municipalities and districts, was the first inter-governmental forum since the local government elections on March 1.

"We are on a treadmill when it comes to housing," said Rasool.

Build your own home

He said the "inhuman" daily evictions of "hundreds" of families from farms, in particularly the Overberg and Cape Winelands, would exacerbate the province's housing crisis.

The silent epidemic of farm evictions has pushed the housing backlog to the rural towns and we don't have a handle yet on how much this backlog has shifted."

He said that if the estimated housing backlog was 360 000 before the farm evictions, this number would now have increased significantly

Richard Dyantyi, MEC for local government and housing, said the farm evictions would compound the housing shortages created by migration to the province from the Eastern Cape.

Although it has been more than three months since the elections, Rasool said concerns about political instability were a recurring theme in discussions ... see Sodom (burnt) Cape Towns and Gomorrahs (Ruined Heaps) left by this premier sodomite's political and governing actions...

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