Sunday, June 04, 2006

More than effort bared for blankets

Rock on Radio Jacaranda!!!

It all started out as just a bit of fun doing a good deed for charity - but now a few listeners of Jacaranda 94.2 who stripped and braved the cold to donate a blanket are having regrets.

Breakfast-show host Kieno Kammies challenged listeners to participate in the Winter Warmer' campaign by donating a blanket. However, Kammies' twist was to persuade them to show up at the station on Tuesday morning wearing only the blanket they intended to donate.

No fewer than 70 people showed up at the station shortly before 6am, dressed only in their blanket, to be donated to Children of Fire, a service for children affected and disfigured by flames.

In less than an hour, about 400 blankets had been donated, along with about R1 000.

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