Sunday, March 19, 2006

6 may 2006 World radio report Italy and South Africa rule the radio waves

This year there will be another and more accurate Million Marijuana March world radio broadcast made in English with some African influence by of Bologna Italy and by of Cape town- South Africa.

It will be an exciting occasion of mixing the culture of Africa with the antiprohibitionist streams of the world ranging from most important northern American towns, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. About 180 towns will be taking part and everybody will be wired!

Radio for peace covers via satellite the most of Europe, Turkey, Russia and Northern Africa it's definitely downloadable at and it is disposable for being broadcasted for non commercial use via audio streaming on air worldwide and similarly some of last year's programmesare at your disposal.

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Dylan said...

Keep up the good work! Were chipping away at the old conservative ideologies every time we take to the streets and express simultaneous global opinion on this. Maybe the Japanese could learn a thing or two and stop building houses out of other peoples rainforests.

InternAfrica is a not-for-profit organisation addressing the Cape Habitat Crisis through education of sustainable green building methods as demonstrated here on HouseIT