Wednesday, March 08, 2006

W Cape’s hung municipal housing delivery

MEC for Local Government and Housing Richard Dyantyi called on councillors at a press conference yesterday to accelerate service delivery. "We must keep the momentum in the councils. This is a critical time as we are in the last quarter of municipal budgets," he said.

Expressing disappointment at the nature of the debate surrounding the City of Cape Town, Dyantyi said: "A week after the elections the debate is more on who has the (political) power than on the needs of the people.

"Councils have until March 17, to hold their first meetings. "If the first meeting is not successful, they must have a new meeting in the next seven days. "However, 'no power vacuum' will be allowed at any time," Dyantyi said. Argus

Ironic that; with no power no cement mixers turn... cement factories stop producing... development is held randsome to THE power vacum!

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