Monday, March 06, 2006

Compulsory solar heating mooted for Cape Town

It may soon become compulsory for Capetonians to install solar-heated geysers in all new buildings.

Plans are under way to draft bylaws with the help of Danish experts that would mean water in geysers in every new building would have to be solar-heated. This would apply to domestic, state and commercial buildings...

The City of Cape Town hopes to introduce incentives, such as rates rebates or a subsidy, to encourage owners of existing buildings to switch to using solar panels to heat water.

Although the proposal was developed to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, its implications for saving energy are probably more pertinent considering the blackouts in the Western Cape since November... Read More

Build intelligently, with eco firendly, carbon efficient cannabricks, internal relative temperatures are much more controlled, saving electricity for cooling and heating.

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