Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cannabrick hope for the 'hardcore' poor

Cannabrick Eco Construction

The Department of Housing's far-reaching plan to provide housing for all South Africans will not only affect issues such as service delivery and access to credit and subsidies, but will also have implications for developers and material suppliers, a senior government official revealed.

Saths Moodley, adviser to Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, said yesterday that government would establish State-owned cement and brick factories as a response to the practice of 'hoarding' by many material suppliers.Moodley argued that many suppliers hold back building materials, creating a shortage and inflating prices, before releasing them in tranches and exploiting high prices.

While government does not wish to pass legislation to discourage this practice, it is set to pursue a research programme through the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), focusing on building and material technology. Moodley commented that it is envisaged that the CSIR would also be involved in the evaluation and monitoring of government's building-material production programme. Full Story

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