Sunday, March 19, 2006

Housing majors to be grilled by parliament

As the country prepares for accelerated housing delivery to eradicate shacks, parliament has departed from tradition to call together all those passing the buck in housing subsidy graft.

Its standing committee on public accounts (Scopa) decided after a report from the auditor-general (AG) to call the national department and provincial housing authorities to a joint hearing to explain why more than R300-million has been lost to corruption.

"The AG's audit provides disturbing reading because it calls into question the number of houses built since 1994," Themba Godi, Scopa's chairperson, told Independent Newspapers. "The report talks about double payments to the same application and this constitutes a very high percentage at a time when we are trying to half the number of those living in shacks.

The government has committed itself to the millennium goal of halving the number of those squatting, and Lindiwe Sisulu, the housing minister, is implementing new plans to increase the number of units being built... Full Story

Wait for the report, the promise, the grilling, the interpretation, new plans and principals ... or simply build your own enviromentaly friendly cannabrick home Here's How

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