Friday, April 21, 2006

Cape Town rat tailed maggots found feeding off poltical bullshit, population explodes in face of voters

The Western Cape government is taking seriously a request by African National Congress councillors to have Cape Town placed under provincial government administration and is forcing Democratic Alliance mayor Helen Zille to account for the continuing political strife in the council.

Local government and housing provincial minister Richard Dyantyi gave Zille until Wednesday to present her side of the wrangling over Wallace Mgoqi’s contract as city manager, after a petition by the ANC last week...

Dyantyi’s spokesperson, Vusi Tshose, said the provincial minister was “concerned”, but did not elaborate on what steps would be taken. “Service delivery may suffer because people are focused on the dispute,” he added. M&G

History [the last 5 years: 2000-2005; and the 5 before 1995-2000] shows us clearly that Service delivery WILL suffer becuase of politi'king.

Read the names and stories of those affected by lack of service delivery on this blog from housing riots and peacefull demonstrations, fraud and corruption, shack fires sewage and electricity - all those things that affect the human habitat in Cape Town; or read and sense the totals of people displaced by fire alone on InternAfrica in the last 5 years.

Imagine if you can what it's like to have ALL YOUR POSSESSIONS destroyed, ... 3 years in a row. Imagine the scale when all 92,000 people have to be re-processed by home affairs for an ID Book so they can vote away their houses, they had replaced by government with a flamable starter kit... AGAIN

If you need a house; Build it yourself while everyone else plays silly buggers with whose getting paid out (with bonus for doing a good job ;) and who's getting voted out and who's emailed who; and who's authorised which development for how much of a kickback....

Really now another 5 years, it's an endless saga of Zero Service delivery, or silent service delivery, happening only in the mouths and on the tongues of those in government municipal, provincial and national whose shady 'development' deals resulting in golf courses and developments named after a highway... notably is the increase in girth of these officials...

Clearly what feeds their success - has left over funds to feed their bellies extravagantly over a continued period... as it an ever increasing thing, while the mouth is full of food, and talk... little energy gets expended on actually delivering an action that results in a product other than obnoxious gas.

Really now don't get high on their politi'king bullshit and silent delivery, when the masses rise in may {as they do every year to protest the lack of housing delivery} Consider the right thing to do:

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