Sunday, April 23, 2006

Take your city back - Chairs flung at mayor Zille

ANC supporters yesterday launched a violent attack on Cape Town mayor Helen Zille at a meeting in Crossroads, flinging chairs and shouting abuse at her as she tried to speak. Four bodyguards and a phalanx of police formed a tight cordon around the executive mayor as they rushed her to the safety of her car.

Police had to fire warning shots as an angry mob tried to stop the car from leaving, while rocks and half-bricks were hurled at the motorcade as she was driven away. The attack comes in the wake of a tense stand-off between the DA and the ANC over control of the city.

This is not the first time Zille has faced violence at the hands of ANC supporters.A month ago a group of heated ANC supporters also turned on Zille when she tried to meet residents of Khayelitsha to listen to their concerns over housing. On that occasion Zille was forced to retreat to the local police station. She was prevented from speaking to members of the community and her car was stoned when she left the area. Read More

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