Monday, April 10, 2006

Truth comes Home

In December last year, we suggested in Business Day that there is a link between the drop in expenditure in Cape Town (compared with other large cities) and the disruptive influence of DA-ANC politics. Our assertion that the DA started the series of political purges in 2000 was indignantly denied by then-DA councillor in Cape Town, Belinda Walker.

Walker contended that the DA “put in place a top team of the city manager and 10 executive directors” in 2000, while “the ANC ... dismissed the city manager and six of these directors” in 2002.

However it is phrased, managerial dismissals — followed by new appointments each time the city is under new leadership — and the suspension of projects point to an alarming myopia on the part of politicians in what was once a well-run city. M&G

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