Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Govt wonders why the lack of civility...

I wonder why, they can't realise years of failed projects and housing delivery. Or any human habitat planning - for that matter, no dams, no power stations, no new roads or public transport - just more people moving to the cities and more corruption and flying chairs.... and mayors getting stoned out of townships... (1st Pietertjie now Zille)

People in shacks will only listen to lies and pollitical promises for so long, then they get to a point when no matter what government says, they will hear nothing. When the government does not listen to the voice and concerns of the people, then people will make their voices clear, just as in Khutsong: One home was burned down and a petrol bomb was used to set the other on fire. Full Story....

I say: Build your own Cannabrick Home

Just look at the failed gateway exercise:

Gateway 'could be delayed by 5 years' Completion of the N2 Gateway housing development, scheduled for December, could be delayed by at least five years, while the City of Cape Town will have to pay an outstanding R34-million for the units already built.

Government slams lack of civility in township The government has slammed the attack on Cape Town mayor Helen Zille by protesters at the Crossroads informal settlement. "Whatever the circumstances surrounding the organisation of any lawful gathering, all of us are required to express our views in a civil manner," said state spokesperson Joel Netshitenzhe.

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Dylan said...

Yup. I call this govt, pseudosocialists. Black green and gold, the spear and the book, the hammer and the sickle...they all mean nothing when there are DOLLAR SIGNS instead. The ANC supporters should be throwing chairs at their own representatives...oh yes, they're all overseas eating caviar.

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