Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cape warms to gel stoves

They're odourless, smokeless, tasteless and Capetonians are turning to them in droves. Stoves that burn on ethanol gel rather than paraffin are safer as they have a low centre of gravity and won't explode, while also being environmentally friendly and heat efficient.

Peter Barratt of Cape Town-based Greenheat has been selling the stoves and accompanying gel fuel since November and says sales have been growing by the week, spurred by the power crisis.

The have already sold around 2 000 in areas from "Khayelitsha to Bishopscourt"."We were doing a fair amount of work in the informal areas and we were introduced to them by a friend of mine," says Barratt.

"We immediately saw the enormous advantages from a safety aspect, when one considers all these houses getting burned down weekly by a paraffin stove getting knocked over." Full Story

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Dylan said...

I'm very happy to read about this. I hope the gel is cometitively priced and that it will serve to phase out parrafin stoves.

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