Wednesday, April 26, 2006

N2 Stateway - 5 Mill spent somewhere where's the deliverable?

The probe into the apparent mismanagement of the troubled N2 Gateway housing project was the main item for discussion at today's mayoral committee meeting.

At issue is the R5m deal appointing BEE company Cyberia as the project manager for the first phase of the huge housing development, and an additional sum of R4.6m paid to Cyberia earlier this year as part of the termination of the contract.

In a telling confidential e-mail in the documentation tabled at today's meeting, the city's project co-ordinator, engineer Peter Oscroft, noted in December 2004 that the adjudication committee (that considered the initial responses to requests for proposals) "did not consider Cyberia sufficiently experienced in the housing and infrastructure field to consider them beyond the first stage". Cape Argus

Housing takes the HIGH Road 15 February 2005...
Work has begun on one of South Africa's most ambitious housing projects to date. The multi-million rand N2 Gateway Project will benefit over 100 000 people who squat along the highway leading from Cape Town International Airport into the Mother City - and pilot a new model for tackling urban development in the country.

What was going to benefit over 100 000 people now will only house about 6 000 people for 3 times the tendered cost. And this is a national EXAMPLE of how South Africa is going to eridacte shacks...

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