Sunday, April 30, 2006

Police fire at Slovo residents invading N2 Gateway after fire razes homes

The City of Cape Town has laid a charge of vandalism and damage to property at the Langa police station after Joe Slovo fire victims cut the fence and broke down doors in an attempt to occupy flats at the N-2 Gateway.

A blaze early this morning gutted 100 shacks leaving more than 200 people homeless in Langa. Locals then took matters into their own hands and attempted to occupy vacant flats. A source within the City Council says the police have not made any arrests because the community did not offer any resistance when they were evicted.

Cape Town Disaster Management says over 80 flats of the project were vandalised by this victims of this morning's fire. Victims apparently forced their way into the flats by destroying the fencing and breaking doors. Wilfred Solomons, a disaster management spokesperson, says emergency preparations for accommodation and food are underway. Solomons says police investigations are continuing.

Mayor's hands tied: Helen Zille, the Cape Town mayor, says the allocation of the N-2 Gateway flats is out of her hands. Zille was responding to earlier calls from the community that the municipality allocate the flats. Earlier today, homeless people and backyard dwellers in Langa today called on Noma-India Mfeketo, the former mayor of Cape Town, to come and allocate the N-2 Gateway flats to the community. This is after a group of fire victims were evicted after they had forced their way into the flats following this morning's fire. Zille says the fate of the N-2 Gateway is now in the hands of the province. SABC

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